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CCEE Programs – How We Deliver Our Services

The California Council on Economic Education has offered a variety of programs, training opportunities and contests over its years of service. Many of our programs utilize the help of affiliates and partner organizations to enable us to extend educators, students, volunteers, and others the resources and experiences to ensure high quality economic and financial education. Currently, we offer programs across a range of service delivery methods:


  • Saturday/all day format (6+ hours, 2+ presenters)
  • Weeknight/short format (3 hours, 1-2 presenters)
  • Usually has a theme based around content or a resource
  • Typical capacity: 30-40 teachers


  • Remote option for instruction meeting a variety of needs
  • 30-45 minutes in length typically
  • May be stand-alone or part of a series
  • Typical capacity: up to 100 online attendees per session


  • Single or Multi-day
  • 6-8 hours per day
  • Involves multiple presenters, groups, and breakout sessions
  • Typical capacity: depends on venue, 100-200+

District/School Based

  • 2 hours, ideally all teachers in a dept., possibly with neighboring schools’ teachers from related departments.
  • Typical capacity: based on district/school norm

(For information about these options, contact Joshua Mitton, Director of Programs and Outreach

Community Event Trainings

  • Instruction based towards community group trainers
  • Possibly focused on bridging the gap for parents financial literacy knowledge

Student Contests

  • Engages students because of competition and cash prices
  • Opportunity for students and teachers to connect to larger CEE network
  • Wonderful experience for participants

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